Rhonda Anderson

Rhonda Anderson


  • Owned and Operated Ellis County Auto Repair for 30 years


  • Bachelor's in Business from Tarleton University


Hello, my name is Rhonda! CrossFit has been a passion of mine for more than 6 years. When I walked into the doors of a CrossFit box 6 years ago I was instantly hooked. The community that comes with CrossFit can not be matched. Every day your getting to see friends, meet new people, and achieve a higher quality of life all at the same time. Everyone at CrossFit is so supportive and only wants what is best for each other. CrossFit continues to challenge me till this day, mentally and physically. Through the challenges that CrossFit presents, it also returns results. I feel better than I ever have and continue to live the active life I love, thankfully to CrossFit. CrossFit has brought so many different people into my life from all walks of life. One day I could be working out next to a teenager who is applying for college and the next day a retired doctor who is trying to stay healthy. The diversity that CrossFit brings is truly incredible. Also I thoroughly enjoy that each workout can be adjusted and modified to each individuals ability. It is a truly an all inclusive environment. I love my CrossFit family! Excited to see our family grow!

Favorite Movement: Toes 2 Bar

Favorite Workout: “Murph”

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